High CRI LED Strip
High CRI LED Strip Light
December 18, 2019
Full Spectrum LED Strip
Full Spectrum LED Strip Light
December 19, 2019
Wall Washer LED Strip Light

Wall Washer LED Strip Light

The latest stunning new entry to our range of high-quality tape lights is the Wall Washer LED Strip Light. This innovative product is simple and customizable with optical lens.

Customised Low wattage Wall grazers with IP22 & IP67 is also an option. These Wall Washer LED tape and strip lights look amazing when embedded into aluminium profiles. Power and fixing accessories to form uniform lighting.

As one of the architect and lighting designer sums up the product:

Quote: With the availability of SMD based low power wall washer LED tape light, I can now completely change the appearance of the room, create indirectly lighting effects, integrate mood lighting for room features, bring night to life, a simple and customizable product.
These fitting are so smartly designed, that I can cleverly hide them, minimize the glare, whilst ensuring that the wall and ceilings are properly illuminated, very low power and minimum heat generated.
The best part I love is, with this Wall Washer LED tape light, I can order outdoor grade too & has over 10 different symmetrical & asymmetrical beam angles. The Wall grazer tape light is silicon encapsulated with PC lens and PU coated, offering me high degree of environmental protection.

I have used the RGB Wall Washer LED Strip light in stylish bars & restaurants and single color in many of my high-end hotel guest rooms and homes with fantastic welcoming atmosphere.


RHEA LED Linear produces a variety of Wall Washer LED Strip & Tape lights with High color rendering index CRI -Ra94+. With over 9 type & 100+ variations, we accurately produce strip lights that illuminates objects’ true colours. Hotels, Spas & high-end homes use lights with High CRI on a regular basis. Some of the high lights are as follows:

  • SMD Type: 2835 series.
  • CRI: CRI > 94
  • Color Temp: 1800K, 2100K, 2300K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K, RGB, RGBW
  • Input Voltage: 12/24VDC
  • IP Grade: IP20-IP67
  • LED Quantity per meter: 42
  • Wattages: 12W, 18W
  • Optics / Beam Angles: 30° , 60°, 90°, 10°X30°, 10°X45°, 10°X60°,10°X70°

Aluminium Profiles for heat dissipation: Check out over 750+ different types of LED aluminum profiles to suit your specific requirements: https://www.rhealedlinear.co.uk/led-aluminium-profiles/


RHEA LED Linear develops and OEM manufactures highest-quality LED Strip Lights with over 500+ models with international certifications plus a 5-7 year warranty.