Cooling Interiors Will be the Architectural Challenge of the Future
February 17, 2021
The best futuristic architecture in Singapore
February 27, 2021

GKD is the creator and leading producer of flexible metal fabric facade for buildings. They are versed in facade concept, design, engineering, and installation. Focusing on using manufacturing design and engineering to produce innovative solutions.

GKD Metal Fabric facades stylize a structure, they can be used to cover an old or visually unappealing building. Mechanicals are also removed from view. With unique and dynamic textures and patterns, GKD media facade designs offer exceptional aesthetics in any kind of light. And with its durability and ease of maintenance, transparent facade metal fabric lasts for many decades.

A glass-clad research library with 30 GKD stainless steel sunscreens to protect the library’s collection and provide a physical expression of the Liberty Fund mission.

Each screen represents a century of human history and is etched with names and events important to liberty in each century. As the sun sets at the end of each day, and the interior lighting takes prominence, the library’s vast collection becomes visible to the outside world.

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