NEON Flex PU LED are top and side bendable and durable. These silicon encapsulated with 1/3 milky glue and 2/3 clear glue. A combination of best quality chips and control system helps in producing extraordinary lights. Bending characteristic makes it an easy choice for designers to explore and exploit various design options with Top and Side Neon Flex PU. NEON Flex 3D is a combination of top and side bending light with high lumen output.

Neon Flex Top is a high output light strip with top directional light with 15MM width. Neon Flex Slim is also an option available with a width of 12MM. Lumens per wattage is 100 and above for the LEDs used inside. UV protected and saltwater resistant characteristics of the light helps in installing it in places closer to the sea.

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Neon Flex

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